Auditing firm ALT-AUDIT has been providing on the market of auditing services since 1994.


The  company has been a member of the Chamber of Auditors of Russia since 1996 (Certificate of membership №6062 "Audit Chamber of Russia").


In 2014, "ALT-AUDIT" LLC successfully passed the external quality control inspection. This meant our auditing activities were recognized as being in compliance with all standarts, rules of entgagement and applicable legislation, in accordance with the rules of independence of auditors and audit organisations and professional ethics of auditors (Article №88, 19.05.2014), members of the Cambers of Auditors of Russia.


Corporate professional liability is insured by JSC “AlfaInsurance” (insurance policy №7862R/756/00008/4, 30.05.2014).


We work with legal entities of any organizational forms, with private entrepreneurs and physical persons.


Our experts have accumulated extensive experience serving companies of all spheres of economic activity, particularly in the areas of construction, manufacturing, trade organisations, as well as service based organisations.


          Major areas of activities:

  • auditing;
  • accounting;
  • tax consultancy;

In the provision of audit and audit-related services, our approach is based on unified internal standards and procedures adopted and approved by the company, which provide a uniform procedure for audit. The Company's internal control system provides a strong foundation for quality of services to reduce tax burdens and financial risk for clients.